Cancún is located in the northeast coast of the Quintana Roo state, at the east of México. More tan 1,700 km from the México city and it´s apart of the Yucatán Península.

The city was found in 1974 and actually is considered as the main mexican turistic city world wide along Acapulco or even with a wider length. His short age is compensated with the impressive development during the late 70´s, the 80´s and 90´s. Nowdays Cancun has a hotel infrastructure of over 27,000 rooms and still growing with condos and exclusive developments either in the city or the hotel zone. Under any perspective, Cancún still is an atractive city for the hole world due the natural landscapes and its archaeological history. Cancun calls the guest to have a great vacations.

One of Cancun´s main atractions are its beautiful turquoise blue color beaches gracing the sand and enviting everyone to interact with the nature. The Hotel zone is a withe sand strip that runs all the east of the City hall. You can find public beaches from Puerto Juárez (Playa del Niño, o Playa Niños) to the Hotel zone, where you can find 9 public beaches with Access along the 22 km of the island: from km 0 al 22 the beaches:Las Perlas, Langosta, Tortugas , Caracol, Chac mool, Marlín, Ballenas, Delfines (the famous Mirador) and Nizuc.

You can visit the Hotel Zone, known as the “party center” world wide where lots of famous night clubs make a lot of events. Cancun receives frecuently the visit of national and international artist of all kinds of industries and is constantly focus of attention for the guest´s night live.

Cancún is a city with a wide option of atractions. Besides the beaches, Cancun is surounded by a natural beauty where you can find a lot of ecoturistic activities within the surounding areas near the city besides ecoturistic parks where you´ll find wild life in captivity.

Also sports like golf, water ski, fishing, scuba diving among others, have found their way around. But not only this activities can be enjoy, also there are lots of cultural festivals and conventions as well as business meetings either from private companies or generated by the Local or national government Don´t hesitate any longer, VISIT US!